Threw Out My Comfy Old Blanket…

After being up WAY too early this morning, which can be attributed to submitting applications and registering for new classes, I decided Wonderlandhwy had a chance to get re-paved.

After all the beatings this Hwy gets, I figured it deserved it!

Keep Cruising!


6 thoughts on “Threw Out My Comfy Old Blanket…

  1. Thanks. Agreed. Virtual snow is much better than the real thing. It hasn’t snowed here yet… but a blizzard always arrives during finals week. A storm is suppose to hit today too!

  2. Actually, one of the coolest things about Southern Cali is that you can be in the snow and then drive a short distance and it isn’t as cold. ie. we have the best of both worlds here. Mountains, desert and beach all withing miles of each other!!! What more can you ask for?!

    “California Dreaming on such a winter’s day…”

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