What Does a Dime, Drywall, and a Dead Cockroach Have in Common?

Sticky fingers! That’s right! They have all stuck to a tiny set of fingers that belong to Baby Amazing! And you know where the sticky fingers put everything right? Yes, you called it, the mouth!

I had to give Baby Amazing the Heimlich maneuver when it came to the dime. He swallowed the dime in .00025 seconds and it got lodged in his throat. His face began to turn blue and he kept gagging as his saliva started to foam from his mouth. Can you perform the Heimlich maneuver? How about to a baby?

The other two I swiped from his mouth on different occasions. The drywall came from my house and the dead cockroach he found at my work. *ugh*

By the looks of it, you may think that I don’t feed this kid… but he eats more than his older brother.

Our house has not been baby proof for years. So we have had to take extra and serious precautions around here for Sticky Fingers. Especially those that stick to everything. And I mean everything!

If by some strange chance I have a heart-attack, do you suppose the doctors will be able to figure out why??


P.S. I hear cockroaches are a delicacy in some places…


6 thoughts on “What Does a Dime, Drywall, and a Dead Cockroach Have in Common?

  1. In the 70’s the Heimlich maneuver saved my life when my parents were out, my sitter fell apart but luckily her mother knew what to do when an ice cube was lodged in my throat.

    I never bought in to ‘baby proofing’ a home. I’ve heard many parents talk about it like it’s a religious faith arguing their values against others. It comes down to responsible parenting, for most of us it’s a ‘live and learn’ situation. Parents either ‘make it’ or fail.

  2. I agree DP… how in the world do little people manage to conjure up the things that they do? Sticky fingers is our vacuum cleaner around here.

    You are right John, perhaps I shouldn’t pick up the swords, guns and chemicals…. 🙂

  3. About 48 years ago a visitor to our house gave me a large boiled sweet (hard candy) which I promptly inhaled!
    I too was a blue being and was about to be rushed to hospital (nobody knew of the Heimlich maneuver back then) when the sweet was ejected when my Father threw me into his car.
    I have never eaten sweets from that day. (except chocolate 🙂 )

  4. Most parents go through the ‘learning curve’, seems the older my kids get the more times I have to put my foot down about things ‘they’ leave down. Funny you mentioned swords, didn’t know my son had one in the house until he left for Germany in May…his brother was quite proud letting me know ‘he’ knew though.

    GW’s right, my own incident was less than a year after Heimlich published. Found it amazing the woman managed to keep up with trends that quick, she was an out of work nurse. Other than a magazine subscription I wonder if she’d had access to the knowledge locally before publication, the area being a metropolitan coastal city.

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