This Post is Super-Awesome

I have been wondering about this box that I have been checking on all of my new posts.  It basically triggers a pop up video and asks me what I think about it.  So far, I get the same video every time.

Of course, I check the box on all of my posts because all of my posts are ‘super-awesome’.

So what does checking this box do, besides indicating how awesome my posts are?

and by the way, this post is super-awesome.


5 thoughts on “This Post is Super-Awesome

  1. Made me double check my admin page. Sounds like you’re using’s back end for a URL you registered I take?

    From what I’m finding while most people see this as a novelty I wonder if WordPress is actually using it to beta test certain capabilities in later releases…like integrating certain video resolutions and seeing how much bandwidth they use.

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