It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….

This old man may be snoring, but I’m sure not. Today was one of those days where you get a little thrown off course. That is on top of all the road closures, dysfunctional family issues, stresses the holidays bring and Rain. You see, while many of you are enjoying your grounds covered with snow, here in Southern California we are trying to stay afloat. It has been raining for the past seven days straight! Within a 30 mile radius, it has rained between 12 and 26 inches!!! That is approximately 3 inches a day.

Although the flooding aspect of all this rain is definitely a concern, I am not complaining.  (Perhaps just a little.)  I enjoy the fact that I was able to turn off our sprinklers and have not had to turn them on for around two weeks now.  With increases in our water bills around here, this sure helps.

All the rain has caused a little bit of a ruckus though.  In fact, the next storm is suppose to hit around Christmas Day.  The weather reports are saying the worst is yet to come.

I was hoping that if perhaps the flooding became too hard to tread, that someone might journey down to this end of the pond with their huge iMonument yacht and toss a line.

I may settle for a life saver ….

On a different note, one of the pros of being thrown off course today was this


And it is the raw image, no edits have been made.

This picture was just a piece of the double rainbow that lasted for approximately 3 minutes.  A brief moment that the sun peeked through the clouds before hiding away for who knows how long.  I will put up a few more pics in the next couple of days.


I sure hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season.  Soon a new year will be upon us.  I wonder what surprises are in store….


7 thoughts on “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….

  1. I’m sure i’d start hearing complaining voices in my head if I snored, I guess I used to when I was a smoker and drinker though.
    Sending Best Wishes to all at Wonderlandville for a safe and happy time at Christmas – have a super awesome time!

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