Baby Amazing’s First Birthday!

Within a blink of an eye,
From Zero to One,
All the while, disregarding the starting gun.

A Blast to the Past…

A Proud Big Brother!

Introducing the Newest Member to My Team!

The Size of a Pro Football

My New Year’s Surprise


6 thoughts on “Baby Amazing’s First Birthday!

  1. An anime swag collector… interesting GitWiz…. looks feminine…. THanks for the best wishes. The little guy is actually under the weather today. Hopefully a little cake will help his spirits.

    It is a cool hat DP. Took the picture in a store and didn’t have to spend a cent on it. 🙂 Good thing it’s not one of these. I’m sure this will give some new post ideas for 2011. P.S. I think you will like the image on the lower left. ; )

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