Concluding 2010, Moms Country Orchards and the Dawning of 2011

My boys and I spent a few hours up in Oak Glen, CA today. We stopped at Moms Country Orchards first because it is our favorite place to go to in Oak Glen. We arrived just in time to watch the last sunset of 2010. Not Mom’s in the possessive sense, but Moms in the plural sense. The Moms of different generations and dear united friends. Can’t wait to see all the fresh seasonal goodies and fill up on samples!!!! Apples, apples, what a variety of apples! Red Delicious – Gala – Granny Smith – Spartan – Golden Delicious – Red Rome – Mutsu – And More! Baby Amazing trying apple cider for the first time. He loved it! Cranberries – Pears – Tomatos – Avocados – Jerky – Potatos – Bananas – And More! Gourds – Squash – Sunflower Seeds – Pumpkins – And More! Peanuts – Unsalted Or Salted The Pep enjoying his Granny Smith Apple sample while looking around. Books Galore: Books on Recipes, Organic crops, Apples, College Cooking, Homebrew Favorites Jams – Preserves – Butters Desert Toppings – Fudge – Christmas Jam Multi-Use Stove (And yes it works!!) Syrup and Pancake Mix of All Kinds. A wide variety of cookie, bread and muffin mixes: Apple – Blueberry – Corn bread – Carrot – Pumpkin – Squash – Yum! Samplers: Jams, Preserves and Butters (unlimited samples!) Baby Amazing trying different samples… winter squash butter, jam and honey for the first time. Baby Amazing gives Moms his smile of approval! Fresh Uncured Olives Pepper Assortment A Variety of Honey!!!! Fresh Honey Comb Local Bee Pollen Still Tasting Samples: Winter Squash Butter or was it?! Open 364 Days A Year That’s Moms Country Orchards! Where they are Dedicated to ALL natural and preservative free products and locally grown produce that is pesticide and fertilizer free. A place where good health is up there with good taste and as many samples as your belly can handle! Be sure and check out there website too, where they have an Online Store North Mountain View from Moms Country Orchards The West View from Moms as we departed and were off to continue our journey. I couldn’t ask for more than time spent with my Fam Bam! I am thankful to know that I am blessed with an Awesome and Wonderful Family. We have officially been a family of Four for one year. I look forward to the New Year with Good times spent with my Family, Friends, and with You, my Avid Readers!! Have a Wonderful and Amazing New Year!


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