The New Year is in Motion.

It’s after the first of February, and today is Thursday, a work day where Baby Amazing comes with.  Thankfully, today was a good one, if you know what I mean.  There was a customer too, who said to me, “May God bless him with a long life.”  Thank you, I said.  That meant a lot to me.  Children are today’s tomorrow, our future.    As Parents, we would choose nothing less, than a long and blessed life for our child(ren).  The chance to experience the relationship with a child and then your child’s child is an amazing one.  I look forward to the opportunity.

On a different note, it is week 4, as of this coming Monday and that means exams are near.  I began to focus on the subject at hand, Differential Equations, it took one martini to get me to consider the thought of studying.  On ‘second’ thought, perhaps I should open that book.

With visions of a mini road trip during spring break in the background, I leave you with the thought that I have been pondering lately, the rate of the acceleration of the universe, seconds after the big bang.  This may seem as a tangent to some, but to you, this may mean so much more.  Working on putting together some more writings on that.  Looks like it’s time to get back to those books.

The Year is officially in motion.  Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “The New Year is in Motion.

  1. …and I missed another year officially starting. If I could walk backwards faster than the speed of light, would I pass myself in the future moving forward before or get caught in some loop admiring my own ass.

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