There are moments where we sometimes find ourselves distracted from the things we have to do… mainly the daily ‘going through the motions,’ so to speak.  Every now and then, I consider cutting things out of my life to free up some extra time and to help myself stay focused.  However, I have come to the conclusion that certain distractions are absolutely necessary.

I mean, Why give them all up?

As if life is less tedious and hectic without such distractions.

In fact, whenever you catch yourself telling yourself not to be distracted, just remember these words of mine, YOU DESERVE IT!

After all, your necessary distraction just might be that ‘thing’ that helps preserve your sanity and prevents you from strangling that imbecile that you might otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Wanting to strangle an imbecile is natural, and taking up a hobby for distraction is a good start. But unless the imbecile ‘goes away’, either the hobbyist will continue not to face the issue of why they sometimes have mental images of justifiably harming someone.

    I solved this issue with one imbecile in my life by making it known I was prepared to change things in ‘my’ life for the better…up to and including a 12 gauge shotgun near my door. That imbecile…while he does his ‘thing’ elsewhere…has shown me he’s not ‘that’ much of an imbecile.

    In an extremely short amount of time I reduced instances of anger as well as mental uptalk. Gives me more time to think thoughtful thoughts of pretty butterflies and grassy meadows filled with cows wearing oversized bells.

  2. That ‘thing’ to help preserve my sanity was far too elusive….. and distracting.

    You have Spanish and Italian Google Ads now? Can’t be sure because none of them link anywhere.

  3. @DP: You did come to mind while I typed this one up. I thought, DP loves tons of mindless distractions… so the few I have may be not so bad after all. 🙂

    @John: Putting a 12 gauge shot gun by my door…. ahh relief… oohhhh I see tons of cows with over sized bells…..

    @GitWiz: See I used to think my ‘things’ were too elusive and distracting too…. then again, I am distracting myself from imagining what your ‘things’ are.
    And no, I do not have google ads… you can see some on my page? WP would have already cracked down on me. lol

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