Thursday @ Approximately 9:00 AM

Where I should have been: Work!

Where I was: At home, laid out on the floor!

How it all came to pass…..

Yesterday began like a typical Thursday, hectic and behind schedule.  You see, Thursdays are the one day a week where I go to work and Baby Amazing comes with.  He has good days and he has bad days… and this Thursday was not a good one.

In a haste to pack up his things, I went into our pantry to grab some snacks and items for his lunch.  Baby Amazing was on my heels and walked in after me. As usual, he started messing around with gleaming eyes to get a hold of anything he could.  This time it was a ‘can of peas’ from off the bottom shelf.  He proceeded to walk away with it so I told him to put it back.  Of course, his selective hearing heard ‘throw it’.  The ‘can of peas’ flew in slow motion only to ricochet off of my big toe. (Yes, I was barefoot!)

The sting of pain was interpreted by my brain as a lightning bolt!  OUCH!  Wah!

The edge of the ‘can of peas’ managed to hit my toe in a vertical fashion, causing my toe nail to split half way down the middle as it was simultaneously separated from the tender skin underneath the nail. By the amount of blood that followed, you would have thought my toe had been chopped off.  Luckily, my nail polish is a very close shade of dark red.

As I laid on the floor, Baby Amazing stood hovered over me staring….

the thought that came to mind… “What an Aim”!

I should have known that this event would be the foreshadowing of how the rest of the day was going to play out.

My poor ole toes have such bad luck.

Oh well, HELLO 4 day weekend!!!!


Two weeks after the damage.

Update: For a pretty Nurse. 🙂

The pic was taken with my camera phone, so the quality is poor.

I never mentioned it, but I ended up going to a nail salon two weeks later where Ivonna (my fabulous nail tech) had to seal the crack in my nail with acrylic powder. A wonderful way to mend the nail and prevent it from splitting further. The nail has not fully grown out yet.


6 thoughts on “Thursday @ Approximately 9:00 AM

  1. Yikes! I’m sure they’re worth it but i’ll give kids a swerve I think. Even if they were not injuring me I would be so scared about their health.

    I always seem to be asking after your well-being here lately, get well soon again!

  2. 😦 Worse I’ve had was catching my little toe squarely against a door jam…my body and the rest of the foot made it…but that little toe decided to go kamikaze to the door time like it was a magnet. I felt the toenail push internally to the back of my ankle.

    It came out fully in the bath four hours later.

    I took it to work and used it in an icebreaker at a training conference, trying to create an unforgettable ‘name branding’ image to others.

    …totally won, enough the instructor told me ‘not’ to take it out anymore.

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