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I just recently updated my Bookroll….

How you ever changed your opinion about a subject more than once, twice, or three times?  This was my experience with this read.  What I thought I felt changed as I weighed all the options.  I wrote three essays from three different chapters in this book.  I was satisfied with my work and very pleased with my grade.  However, if I were to write them again, I know I would write them differently.  Isn’t it funny how we continue to evaluate our philosophical beliefs?  Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  For any of you looking for an in depth philosophical read, than this work of Rorty’s may be just for you.

On the other hand, if you enjoy art and the philosophical aspects of beauty, than this book of Nehamas’ may be a good read for you.

It was a difficult read for me.  I had somewhat of a hard time getting into it.  Call it my lack of art appreciation or my indifference to many works of art and films.  The first couple of times over, I didn’t even finish the book and put it aside.  Then after a few weeks and quite a bit of contemplation, it got me.  In fact, it is still getting me.  Although, I’m dreading my essay grade on this one, I know that this subject is going to be lurking around for awhile.  I’m considering writing my final paper on this one.  Still not sure yet though.

Both books are worth a read for those of you who enjoy dense subjects.


One thought on “Recent Reads

  1. No wonder you are busy!

    The only dense subjects I can enjoy reading these days are science and environment, sometimes history.
    I wish I had tried harder at school so that I might have had the chance to go to University and learnt more, maybe I would have got into Philosophy.

    I am so penniless and old (and cynical) now that my future prospects and expectations have been shortened so that I am happy just to be able to feed and house myself and be entertained by the internet and radio.

    Don’t worry – I’m happy! 🙂

    Oh wow! I’ve just seen you have ‘Photo Hunted’ – I’m even happier!

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