I Get E-Mail, Therefore I Am.

So I have a little secret…..

I check my email way too many times a day.

No, really. I do!

While many people have OCD with checking their friend’s updates on facebook  or keeping their car clean, I’m way too busy checking my email.

It’s not really a serious problem considering the types of other problems I could have… but should I worry? I mean, why do I check it so much? Besides the junk mail, chain mail, attempts to steal my identity or con me for my money (the very little I have), scholarship denials, and bill notifications, there is not much other mail that I receive.

But it’s almost as if I’m waiting for something good, no Great! I get emails like that, every other leap year… probably….I think I do anyway. Certainly, I can recall a ton few.

On the other hand, it’s probably just something to look forward to.  Everyone’s got to have something to look forward to right?

…. Oh what do you know, looks like I’m receiving one right now….


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