Brother Did It!

On my way into the bathroom yesterday, I was aware of the small pair of feet on my tail.  As I proceeded to wash my hands, Baby Amazing opens the cupboard and pulls out a roll of paper towels.  He starts unraveling the roll and creates a typical type of mess that you see all around the house these days.  So I ask him to put the paper towels away.  A sentence he understands, for obviously reasons.  But he doesn’t move, he just stands there staring at me.  So I ask him to put the paper towels back, again.  After asking five times and not getting the desired response, I then ask him, Where do the paper towels go?  With his hands spread out and body language expressing that he didn’t know, he says “Cyrus did it!”

I know what you’re thinking, this little angel?  —->


2 thoughts on “Brother Did It!

  1. Hey John, your comment reminded me of a time when the Pep was little and was beginning to write. He drew W’s on everything! It was the funniest thing. W’s on the walls, on the cupboards, anywhere he could reach or get to. We never did understand why he chose W’s. Perhaps it was the only letter he knew. Lol

    P.S. Baby A eats crayons. 🙂

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