Foam To the Dome

Over the weekend, I received a coupon for a free coffee, courtesy of spending $$ at Starbucks Coffee.  So on Sunday, when the boys and I were out and about, Mr Amazing took me to redeem my coupon.

I ordered my favorite, a double tall soy cappuccino with one pump of vanilla.

During my order, the barista asked me if I would like my cappuccino wet or dry.  I responded with in between.  The Pep, hearing the question and not fully understanding, asks me what the question meant.  I explained wet/dry referred to the foam/milk content mixed with the espresso.  Mr Amazing then interjecting by stating how good coffee tastes through foamy soy milk.  The Pep taking it all in was quiet for a moment and you could see his wheels turning.

Just as we were driving off, the Pep spoke,

“You know Mom, there is one thing I KNOW about you!”

Really, what’s that?

“You love cappuccinos and as soon as you drink one, that foam goes straight to your brain!”


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