Tacos Del Carbon

Here in the USA,  there is a fast food chain throughout a number of states called Del Taco.  The menu consists of a Mexican-American food theme, such as tacos, burritos, burgers, quesadillas, etc.

The following excerpt is from a geeky study session that took place at Denny’s, yes, I was there.

We sat in a window booth that offered a perfect view of a Del Taco location.

B: I don’t know why they’re advertising those Tacos del carbon, they’re clearly not organic.

J: Lol

A: Lol

Me: *giggle* They’re tacos del carbon as in grilled tacos…. Not as in carbon based, i.e. organic.

B: Oh!

J: Someone apparently has their nose too deep in the O-Chem books.


Proof, that not ALL of us Californians suffer from Mexican-American influences.

Del Taco – literally means “Of the Taco”

Carbon – “coal” not to be confused with carbono as in Dióxido de carbono – Carbon dioxide.

O-Chem – aka: Organic Chemistry.





4 thoughts on “Tacos Del Carbon

  1. Now you’ve made me hungry, and I have to go do a gardening job before I can stop to eat!

    *goes off to Google quesadillas and wonders if we can get them in the UK*

  2. @ Lou: I’d be far from the winner as I was the only one not studying O-Chem. Although, we’d need to clarify what type of carbon credits…..

    @ GW: No spicy jack quesadillas in UK….

    @DP: Good ole Mom cooking… I bet gingernuts didn’t even exist back then. lol

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