Feeding the black hole

The summer heat has had its way with me.  I suspect it has assisted the culprit and the result, restlessness.  Doing what some may consider productive, I cleared the shelves and added a few new items.

A fiction novel – Let the Right One In – John Ajvide Lindqvist – a necessary break from non-fiction.

A pool pass – the hours are not very convenient, but doesn’t a dip between classes sound refreshing?

A violin – No desire to be a legendary 21st Century violinist, but being able to play a few tunes would be awesome. What a lovely instrument!  Now, if I can just get my pinky to cooperate…

A pair of off-road running shoes – New Balance -WT573 – these babies are amazing! my feet love them.  Hopefully I can seize an opportunity and take them off-roading.

Two thriller novels in the works – Doubt I’ll find time to be serious and start typing.  Then again, my new classes have started and I’ll be dying to procrastinate very soon.

Yoga – Thanks to my lovely University (paid tuition), I can attend free classes.  My first class will be tomorrow.  Trying to change old habits and strive to become an “early bird” (did those words really leave my lips?!  I thought those words were strickly for surfers, fisherman and retirement).  Hmmm… I wonder if DNA can be reconfigured?

~ The happiest people are those who are too busy to notice whether they are or not. ~ William Feather


4 thoughts on “Feeding the black hole

  1. Try the Suzuki Method, worked for me. Both pinkies need to be worked at the same time, the one: put a Lifesaver on the tip of the bow and walk the bow in your hand from top to bottom. Three times and THEN you can eat the lifesaver.

    Oh…and don’t put your chin in the chinrest. It’s for your jaw.


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