Hip Hip Hooray!

Community yard sale day was today, and you know what they say…..

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

I gave away a lot of treasures to say the least.

Of course, once we were all cleaned up, the Pep, baby Amazing and I took a little cruise around the neighborhood to see if any treasures were awaiting us.

Low and behold, Captain Hook’s ship with a treasure chest.

The mechanisms didn’t work, but that was not a concern for the Pep.  He was more than happy to get the ship for $2.00, especially since it was a Disney toy.  So we took it home, I cleaned it up and the Pep “wondered” if it could be fixed.  I did everything logical thing to get it to work… until alas, I had a Sherlock Holmes moment.

The illogical fix was the logical fix.  I turned it over and banged the crap out of it… out popped a lego piece that was lodged within the mechanism and voilà, the ship’s canons now fire and the skull’s eyes glow red.

Together, the two boys cheered, “Hip hip Hooray”!

The Pep, “I knew you weren’t a scientist for nothing Mom”.

So it turns out I’m a hero today, but we’ll see what tomorrow reveals.


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