The Pep and the force of gravity

Walking into your home is always welcoming when you had an exhausting day.  Little did I know how excited a nine-year old was to see me.  The Pep had waited all day to tell me what he had learned at school today.

“Mom, Did you know that things all fall at the same rate,” said the Pep.

“Wow, you know about the force of gravity Pep?”

“Yup.” while wearing a grin.

“And why do you suppose that things fall at the same rate”, I asked.

“Because the speed of gravity is constant!”, he said while wearing an even bigger grin.

But not as big as the grin on my face.  There I stood before pure genius.

Little did he know that a statement like that was like opening a can of worms.  I took him to our whiteboard and began to explain the force of gravity and how to calculate it.  Then of course I realized it was a perfect moment to introduce one of Newton’s laws of motion and a fundamental one of classical mechanics, The sum of all forces equals mass times acceleration. F= ma if you will.  It wasn’t before long that the Pep lost interest. Can’t blame him considering classical mechanics has never been my cup of tea.

The conversation ended with The Pep informing me that they were learning about electricity next week.  Before I even finished writing V=IR on the board, he was half way up the stairs.

A little disappointed that he didn’t want to hang around for the new topic.  But in the end, I’m one proud mom.


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