Crash ‘Test’ Dummy

AM: How was your day Pep?

Pep: Good. Forgot that it was Wednesday. How was your day Mom?

AM: Oh long.

Pep: Busy working in the lab?

AM: No, busy studying for another exam

Pep: Oh, what do you think the test is going to be like?

AM: Well, think of the worst test you can imagine and that is the test I’m going to have tomorrow.

Pep: But Mom, the worst test is the one where you look at the first problem and die! *giggle* So I guess your test can’t be ‘that’ bad! *giggle*

AM: Great! Well, I suppose you’re right Pep, it can’t be ‘that’ bad.  Unless, of course, I look at the first problem and die.

Pep: See, just like I said.  You’ll be just fine! *grin*

I ❤ Pep!



5 thoughts on “Crash ‘Test’ Dummy

  1. He is very optimistic V! A good role model for Marley!!!! 🙂

    Thanks for looking out DP. Don’t have to worry about magnetic monopoles or dipoles… for now anyway 🙂 I am into particle physics though. The next few decades will be interesting and it is to wonder if the magnetic monopole will be proven to exist. I read that it would be too massive to observe and it makes me wonder how massive? More massive than the mag-field of a neutron star that we can observe? (which makes me think of the theoretical quark star and it’s mag-field.) And of course a number of other questions for an amateur to wonder. Not to mention that the magnetic dipole moment is suppose to be associated with the spin of particles…. all of which you probably know DP considering you’re the one who mentioned it! 🙂

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