Starry Night

I awoke in awe, as so many times before.  I floated in spacetime.  The view, magnificent.  I  felt the presence of my sons even with the distance and space between.  I felt calm.  The universe serene above the distance supernova.  A moment of bliss?!

I continued to float on.  But it wasn’t before long, that I realized I was hovering over a planet.  What? I had a little planet orbiting me?  And it was an active planet.

My reference frame changed.

Filled with excitment, I began to study it.  It had an atmosphere, it had water, it had mountains, it had humankind….

[Then came the moment.  The one in which something stands out.  The trigger of realization that you are dreaming.  (In particular, the trigger was the mountain ranges.)  ]

What I’m twirling in space…. I can’t breathe in vacuum…

Next came the mandala.  My unconscious mind reminding me of my perspective of reality.  I’m not a star, I’m a human being who lives on the third rock from the sun.. well “a” sun.. not a very big one in comparison.  Human being?  Yes, one of those.  On planet earth? Yes, such a lovely planet.. but filled with disease. And physics. And pain. And love. And evil. And family.  My family.  My boys.

Wait?! I’m not a star?!   I’m not floating in my serene universe… oblivious and in pure bliss with the presence of my fellow star companions?!  Human being? Yes one of those. Planet? Yes planet earth.  With natural phenomena and life.  And the warmth of a sun.



4 thoughts on “Starry Night

  1. I have to say, I’m a little surprised by your comment. 🙂 The Pep is better than a machine elf by 200%. He tells me how lovely it is to see me everyday and sings the most beautiful songs into existence. No substances required! 🙂 (Wish the little guy came with automatic diaper changing options… we now call him the terrorist!)

    (Oh geez, I had to correct that line.)

  2. Don’t be surprised and never think of my comments other than of the fondest nature implied. By chance are you discovering any signs of genetic memories passed from one generation to another, apart from displayed skills manifested?

    Thankfully mine never showed signs of being able to dance in grass skirts with coconut bras.

  3. Surprised only that you picked out the subliminal comment. 🙂 And stoked that you were able to delve into this one. Not exactly sure of the origin, but what I can say is that I have never felt more serene.

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