Super Slippery Jeans

Children tend to grow like weeds and The Pep is no exception.  Recently, after noticing that he was wearing jeans that looked as if he was preparing for a flood, I took him out shopping for jeans.  I had him try on every style and brand there was, so when he asked to try on a pair of super “skinny” jeans I said sure.  I figured that once he tried them on and realized how snug and tight they were that he would decide on his own that they were not for him.

So there we were in the dressing room and I watch as he struggles to get them on.  Finally, he pulls them up and before I can say a word he says “No Way” and attempts to take them off.  Just as he goes to try and tug on one of the legs, his feet slip up from underneath him and he falls right on his butt.  He is literally stuck in the skinny jeans!

I try my best not to laugh and tug the jeans until they finally give so we can remove them.  The entire time the Pep kept saying, “I just don’t understand how so many boys can wear these things.  Forget super skinny, they should be called super slippery jeans”!



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