This afternoon, The Boo (Aka:Baby Amazing, except he’s not a baby anymore) and I took a trip to the grocery store.  We picked up a few items and proceeded to the register.  The female cashier and elderly woman paying for her groceries were both quick to turn their attention to the babbling Boo.

Cashier: Oh Hi there cutie!

The Boo: Hi!

Cashier: Would you like a sticker?

The Boo: YES!

Cashier: How many would you like? Two, three or four? (while representing the numbers on her hand.)

a short pause…

The Boo: SIX!!!

Somewhat to our surprise!

Six stickers the Boo did receive.  Although, the joy was quick to fade when he realized that he wasn’t going to be able to take over his mother’s coffee…



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