It Has Arrived!!!!!!

After hours of waiting and a lot of ££, I have finally received my DP Anti-Collider!!!

The package arrived early this morning and was enclosed with a note, stating… “At first I didn’t think the beheading was such a good idea, but the silence around the residence has been so lovely.  I’m really liking DP much better this way… I think I might even be falling in love again.  Do keep his yapper, I mean head around as long as you need.  Thanks again for the ££, the amount was very kind of you, even though I fear you might have overpaid.  But please don’t worry, I have already made many purchases and reservations for a very loverly vacation.” Thanks again, Sincerely, Lo, TG

The DP Anti-Collider has served to be very useful.  Not only has it stopped many dead in their tracks, caused a few traffic incidents, but it has scared the pants off of folks!!! (Not a pretty sight.)  Of course, as things do, they got way out of control when DP’s head decided he wasn’t scaring as many Americans as he thought he would.

So Mr. A and him found an alternative mechanism for the Anti-Collider that really started a fright. I think it might have had something to do with it being the wrong holiday and all.. but it sure did the trick.  And there is no need to worry, there was very little blood shed (only about 20 pints).


Needless to say, I was able to get all of my holiday shopping done with ease and didn’t have to wait in a single line.  Folks just moved right out of my way and a number of them even offered to pay for my items.  I honestly have never seen Americans act so nice and polite during the holidays, it was an unexpected and delightful treat.  I really have no idea what got into them?!

The entire day was a success and it ended with a very warm pot of tea.  And since there really isn’t any hurry in returning the DP Anit-Collider, as we have already received a postcard from a certain someone, we have decided to get the most out of our money.

Stay tuned for the upcoming adventures….

P.S. For any interested in purchasing a Hagrid Anti-Collider, please visit the DP Emporium !!!


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