When You Give DP a Gingernut!

I really should have known better, but with the long flight and all… I thought, what could possibly happen??!!

How quick a stack of gingernuts could be devoured was previously unknown to me.  I’m sure the time of this session was a world record!  It had to be, I mean DP hadn’t had a gingernut in hours!!  Oh boy!  Within seconds of the last bite, the yapper was going off and it was clear to ALL of us that we needed to head straight to every store in town, perhaps every store in California and stock up on gingernuts.  But there was just one little slight problem, DP needed a body and we needed to afix his head to one fast!

We tried out all sorts of them.  After much fussing and a ton of duck tape, we finally found a body that could sustain DP’s brain and could withstand all the physical abuse.  We were very fortunate that such a soldier was willing to take the risk. Of course, DP was just thrilled to be afixed to a body that was at least 30 years younger.  At the time, it appeared to be a win-win situation.

Things were going just fine… but wouldn’t you know it, DP just happened to have an idea.  With a young fit body, energy, the Supreme Goddess being well taken care of and all, maybe, just maybe, he didn’t have to make the Do Do List afterall.  Perhaps, he could finally start crossing things off his Bucket List!!!!

I wasn’t quite convinced…… at first.

But then the bartender in DP came out and the martinis kept coming….

It wasn’t before long, Mr. A and I were fast asleep.

When I awoke, DP was nowhere to be found!

Oh Dear?! Where could he be?!  Just then, I remembered!

Whew! Thank goodness he left his lists behind… but where he would begin was the real question?!

The entire situation was beginning to seem very familiar.  Have I heard of a similar story before?  I could vaguely remember a story that involved a mouse and I think a cookie… but I couldn’t be certain… I couldn’t be sure!

Oh no…. should I really have given him ALL those gingernuts??!!


6 thoughts on “When You Give DP a Gingernut!

  1. You’ve given me an idea! I think I should start offering a counselling service, for a modest fee, as your family is bound to need one soon. *starts Googling to see how much a professional qualification would cost*

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