The Adventures of Daddypapersurfer

“Thank Goodness for martinis, I thought they’d never go to sleep”, said DP as he rushed out of the house.

What to do? What to do?  Oh YES!  My Do Do List!

I’ve never been much for instruments, of course I have been using the wrong ones all these years.  But after spending some time in Mr. A’s music room, I think I’m going to see how good of a guitar player I am.  Mr. A makes it look soooo easy, I don’t think I’m “that” bad.

Well first thing’s first!

So DP decided to join an improvisational band in Hollywood… but it wasn’t before long (less than 2 minutes) that the other band members decided he wasn’t such a good addition to their Jam Band.

Oh well DP thought, I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Africa and see the Sahara Desert! Off he was to LAX to catch the next flight out of the US of A.

Right when he was getting out of the taxi, a good old friend came to his rescue!!


It was a very short ride and before DP knew it, he was experiencing the Sahara Desert and everything that came with it….


The beating sun, a long ride on a feisty camel… all of which started to remind him of his age and he began to miss a certain Goddess!



Just as he began to wonder how and why she put up with him for almost 5 decades… he lost his train of thought! (Being that his brain wasn’t as young as his loaner body). He was quick to be overwhelmed with glee that he didn’t have to ride on the camel anymore!  There awaited him, his new ride….



DP was able to see many animals native to the Sahara Desert.  Although he was constantly in harm’s way, the close call didn’t come until DP decided to feed a “friendly” Zebra…..

Just when the Zebra’s jaws opened with the intention of biting a certain vintage head off, DP’s ties with JK Rowling paid off…..



“Oh, you couldn’t have come at a better time”, DP squealed as the Knight’s Bus zoomed away…..

To Be Continued…..


4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Daddypapersurfer

  1. What a wonderful houseguest! When he starts to get a bit…. ummmm… stale (?) you can easily either pack him into an envelope and send him on his way, or simply make him into a paper airplane and launch him from the balcony!

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