The Adventures of Daddypapersurfer Part 2

After Mr. A and I awoke and remedied our hangovers, we noticed the disaster in the music room.  It didn’t take us long to decide where DP might be headed, especially since a Taylor acoustic guitar just happened to be missing.

We headed to LA to check out local venues for newcomers, but no such luck.  We figured DP must have hopped on a flight out of LAX to fulfill his Do Do – Bucket List.  Mr. A and I discussed our plan of action…. we agreed that the best solution was to go back home, enjoy ourselves and just wait for DP to return.  That is, if he ever decided to return.  Besides, there really was no telling where he was or when he’d show up.  Having that young loaner body must be causing DP a late-life crisis……

We arrived home just as the mailman was driving away.  Sure enough, we had mail!



“Everything is going just fabulous, in particularly now that I’ve found a temporary replacement.  (Much easier on the eyes, considering all the things I’ve had to look at since the eye surgery.)  Hope all is going well.  Talk to you soon.”    xxx


Meanwhile, everything seemed to be going according to DP’s plan.  One of the wizards traveling in the knight’s bus took a liking to DP and used a wee bit of magic on his behalf.  Two of DP’s buddies were picked up and a table full of food appeared with a special plate full of gingernuts.  This act of kindness may have very well been to silence a certain yapper…. it worked like a charm. (might have had something to do with a very large and full plate.)

By the time DP was stuffing the last two gingernuts into his pocket, the bus had arrived at its next destination, Mount Everest!  DP and his two buddies were thrilled.  Except the moment all three of them stepped off the bus, they immediately froze!

“Oh NO! Wait, wait, we changed our minds!”, yelled all three in unison at the bus driver.  Within a split second and a swing of a wand, all three snowmen were safely defrosting in the knight’s bus.

The three chuckled together enjoying each other’s company.  Next, DP said the unthinkable, “That sure was close!”  The bus began to shake and then came to an abrupt stop.  What was going on they all wondered.  Without hesitation, the soldier body stood up and made DP peek out the window.  “Oh dear… I think we might be in trouble!”, exclaimed DP.

The knight’s bus started to shake.  The next thing they knew, the entire bus was twirling in a vortex… the speeds kept accelerating… there were no longer any signs of his friends.  DP was frightened, but just as he was about to shed his first tear, the spinning stopped.


“Thank goodness… my head… I feel dizzy”, said DP.  Perhaps I should have a little bite of one of the gingernuts I stashed in my pocket he thought.  “Afterall, that should brighten my spirit!”  The gingernut was only half way in his mouth when he happened to glance around at his surroundings….. *CHOKE*GASP*  “HELLLPPPP!”


To Be Continued…..


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