The Adventures of Daddypapersurfer Part 2 1/2

Before DP was able to scream “HELP” for a second time, his good ol’, life saving buddy was swooping him up out of the cruel waters.

“Oh dear, I had no idea what I was going to do… I almost had to swim… and I lost my last gingernuts.  Thank you friend, I owe you one!”, exclaimed DP.

“Oh don’t mention it”, said Hadgrid, “I kind of figured I should keep an eye on you.”

Off they were, heading back to the states when DP realized they were flying over the state of Florida.  “Hadgrid, dear buddy ol’ chap, can we make one quick stop?! Please oh please… I’ve never been this close to Cape Canaveral before and if I don’t get a peek at NASA before I, well you know, it might just happen sooner than expected!”, said DP.

Hadgrid was sympathetic to his old buddy and figured with the way DP enjoyed living on the edge that perhaps he might be right.  With a gradual dip and deceleration, DP and Hadgrid had arrived at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex 40 .

DP was in complete awe and even Hadrid lifted his eyebrows a bit.  “Don’t worry Hadgrid, I’m just going to get a little closer…. I’ve never touched a space shuttle before… look how magnificent it is!”, declared DP.  Just then, the ground began to shake and all the metal structures rattled.  Hadgrid didn’t have the reaction time nor could he see through all the smoke to grab DP before the Shuttle took off with DP dangling along.  “Oh dear, my shirt is caught on this bolt right here”, as he screamed and yanked his shirt loose, “AHHHH! Now I’m really in for it!”  But thankfully, DP remembered in the knick of time that he had his loaner soldier body.  Surely, he had to have a parachute.

Luck was on DP’s side once again.

He was able to yank the chord and have a smooth landing.

“Are you through now DP?”, asked Hagrid as he untangled DP and lowered him to the ground.

“I suppose I am” shrugged DP, “I think it might be time to head back to California…”

“You think?!”, said Hadgrid.  “We better make way before the authorities catch up with us.”


Their travels back to California didn’t take too long and luckily didn’t involve any “snags”.

To be Continued……


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