The Terrible Two

On December 30th, we celebrated The Boo’s 2nd birthday.  As if someone wasn’t terrible enough this past year,  we are now dealing with an official “terrible two” year old!

We took him to the grocery store and let him pick out a special “numbers” cake which he enjoyed for two days straight.  The morning after his birthday, he took it upon himself and managed to have cake for breakfast.  After he had his fair share demolished the rest of the cake, he proceeded to wake me up.  There was frosting everywhere, in his eyebrows and hair, on his nose and hands and around his mouth!!!!  He was wearing the cake…..

Mom: Oh, did you have some cake?

Boo: No!

Mom: You didn’t have any cake for breakfast huh?

Boo: No!


2012 is off to a great and terrible start.  Will we survive?!



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