The Pep Responds.

In my previous post Artfulness, a wonderful frequent cruiser commented on The Pep, the “Modern day Artful Dodger”, and inquired if he had a blog of his own.

The Pep and I have discussed creating him a blog before, but other things seemed to take priority, you know, video games, 4th grade, the snare drum, etc.  So when I received the comment, I decided to ask the Pep what he thought……

M: Hey Pep, you know how I wrote the story “Artfulness”? (He frequently reads my posts.)

The Pep: Ya, what about it?

M: Well, I received a comment asking if you had your own blog.  You know, you’re a comedian on WonderlandHwy and folks enjoy hearing what you have to say.  So I was wondering if you wanted to create an “Artful” blog?

The Pep: Really?! Wait a second…maybe you should start charging.


But for the record, he has decided to create one.  However, he is having a little trouble coming up with the right name.  None of the names are perfect…. one that will stick around for awhile…. the right one just hasn’t occurred to him yet. ( A true artist or a true 9 year old?)

So he asks you dear cruisers for your suggestions.

Here are a few we have come up with already:

ThePepClub, ThePepShack, PepperTime



6 thoughts on “The Pep Responds.

  1. If you’re going for long term then going with something that can be enunciated where the listener can’t mistake how it should be spelled out is best. I had a site geek/tech site registered years ago that was a decent brand name, but unless people ‘saw’ the logo in their mind chances are they’d spell something a letter ‘off’.

    I like the third one, just make it quick of a decision whichever way you guys go before someone nabs it up. {[(There are pesky peeping purple people online, but they can’t read between brackets if I’m careful. Don’t tell no one, Pep.)]}

  2. *looks around* this is why no bunnies should talk super secret special blog stuff in comments. Those comment spammers always steal good ideas. *sighs*

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