Physi Blues

My typical early Friday morning mile journey on campus was too long today, or was it too short?

Somehow the walk created some mind controversy… too much can be thought in such a short time and yet it often takes too much time to think things over.  And I must not forget the things that need to be practiced over and over before they can even be thought.

My thoughts often turn me into an octopus with tentacles spread, stretched and tangled in every which way.  Sometimes…. I really wish I were one.  The ability to withstand such intense pressures and to slip a tentacle lined with suction cups around a certain prey sounds invigorating.  I’d probably push my luck and attempt eight at a time.  Then again, an octopus would make one awesome multitasker with a dense brain!


5 thoughts on “Physi Blues

  1. I try to keep business envelopes I get in the mail in my back pocket as a scratch pad for when my PDA battery runs out. The more codically defined people tend to forget more little things than big things others imagine in a lifetime.

  2. archcentaur says:

    I know all about mind controversy… We really are so alike. You write how I think! I love the picture, by the way! 🙂

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