Orchids and Rorty

This was the picture mail I received today. He posed without having to be bribed.

After years of gardening and tending to numerous different kinds of plants and flowers, I have finally found a kind that doesn’t die when I set my eyes upon it, Orchids.  This new revelation along with the OCD characteristic of my personality, has sparked my interests to include creating a certain ambiance in our home.  So far, so good!

A yellow feeling came over me this morning while inspecting my orchids; a feeling I have been lacking since the beginning of 2012.  Could be due to the fact that the long weekend offset all my schoolwork so I’m not up to my ears today like a typical Tuesday.  Or perhaps, the orchids have just merely distracted me by reminding me of the philosopher Richard Rorty.  I read one of his books a year ago and recall his fascination with wild orchids and couldn’t help but draw a parallel.  Then of course, my mind went round and round like a true philosopher.  It’s the experience one has when they consider all the options and ponder the pros and cons….. one might end up losing some sleep.

My loss of sleep is no longer caused by “Truth Without Correspondence to Reality” but rather the anxiety of not having enough hours in one day and possibly a certain 2 year old  [(Not to mention Sgt. Pepper) wink*wink].

It turns out, as mentioned last year by my sister, there are numerous Orchid Festivals.  Apparently this year, I’m interested!  🙂  I’m hoping to be able to fit one into my schedule, that is if my studies allow it.

P.S. I love fuchias too.


9 thoughts on “Orchids and Rorty

  1. Really sweet frame up shot. The two times I had an existential crisis the common theme was that I’m not immortal. So many possibilities and potentials, the heart wanting to grasp each for a mind to taste.

    • I think the shot is really sweet too John. As of late, my existential crises usually lead me to Schopenhauer. Somehow negating desires seems reasonably appropriate for the sake of liberation. Then again, how do you kill your metaphysical itch? It’s a vicious cycle I tell ya…

  2. archcentaur says:

    My vietnamese step mom says my aura is yellow. 🙂 I love gardening, too! I can’t wait to have my own yard some day. I will definitely have to try orchids…

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