Lucky Bird Needs Gear


This is Lucky Bird ————————————>

He is currently in the market for some gear, most importantly a hood.  He really needs to be acclimatised to the human world.  Since this is more common for falcons (go figure), I’m probably going to have to have a custom hood made for Lucky.  It’s not going to be cheap but he NEEDS one.



I really like this one ———————————->

As a bird lover and owner, I’m a firm believer in allowing birds to grow their wings out and feel the wind beneath them.

He hasn’t been taken outdoors yet, but it’s time.  This spring Lucky is getting his flight on!




I used to think I wanted to own a large bird, my top choices were (and possibly still are) an owl, a falcon or a hawk.  However african greys are medium size and large compared to your average cockatiel or small parrot or ringneck parakeet.  After owning african greys for years now, I’m not so sure.  Speaking of, I’ll never forget the day I brought Lucky Bird home…. Mr. A took one look at him and asked “What the hell is that vulture doing in our house?” Of course Mr. A mellowed out and always talks to him (Even has kissed Lucky on the beak, but don’t let him hear me tell you so)!

I’m not sure that I could facilitate such a large bird and here in the US I would have to hold state and federal licenses.  Not to mention, owning owls are illegal here. (But you folks in the UK can own them!!!!!)

So as you can see, Lucky Bird suits me well and is rather loverly.  Hopefully, one of these falcon hood makers will custom make a hood for Lucky…. afterall, blindfolding a bird is really difficult and rather awkward!




12 thoughts on “Lucky Bird Needs Gear

  1. Not easy at all. Last time I managed to blindfold a bird I couldn’t manage the handcuffs. Asian yellowbreasted sap sucker, if I’m not mistaken.

    One option to consider would be asking at the next RenFair if their’s aviaficiandos or a falconer within their ranks, or the nearest group of Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Anyone involved in authentic RenFair type crafting would remember someone handling birds as well as people making the hoods.

  2. A good friend of mine has an African grey…be careful what you say in front of it, hers has picked up some rather unsavory language from hearing it just a few times! 🙂 It even makes a zippering sound because she keeps her gym bag under his cage. He’s a hoot! I LOVE the hood option you’re looking at…very fierce!

    • That’s a good one GitWiz! 🙂 Lucky Bird used to call out The Pep’s name in the wee hours of the morning in my voice! Poor Pep would wake me up asking what I wanted. I finally caught him saying the Pep’s name one day when he was out at school. I told him to cut it out and apparently he listened because he hasn’t done it since. Now he brews my coffee around 4 am. If only he could really brew it! Lol

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