Starvation, Far From It!

It was a typical trip to the grocery store with both boys tagging along; The Pep making sure to add a few items to the cart and The Boo attempting to hold as many items as he could from inside the cart.  It was a quick outing just to pick up a few things so thankfully we were at the checkout before anyone started to scream or throw a fit (myself included)!  While I was placing all our items on the table to be scanned by the clerk, I heard the following statements and giggling from the people behind us in line:

“Oh, awww, he couldn’t wait!”

“He must be hungry!”

I turn around to check on The Boo…. there he was with a package of hot dogs in his mouth.  He managed to eat a bite out of the plastic as well as take a bite out of one of the hotdogs.

I explained to The Boo that he needed to wait until we got home or at least to the car.  Then reassured all the people observing that The Boo was far from starving, especially with a belly like his!

“He doesn’t look malnourished to me”, exclaimed one woman.  Everyone else just giggled.

Lucky for me, this doesn’t just happen at the grocery store.  Recently, I found the Boo hiding out in his tent with an entire package of mini muffins…..


4 thoughts on “Starvation, Far From It!

  1. archcentaur says:

    He’s such a cutie! And that sounds like something I would do. Like last week. But not anymore. But seriously, as soon as I leave the store I usually get something out and have it right then and there. Before I even get in my car. Anything from juice to pickles to hot dogs.

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