When you don’t know what to expect

When this thought comes to mind, it usually leads me to think of pregnancy.   Nine long months until you are finally faced with child labor.  It’s to wonder why many put themselves through it more than once.  Time does have a way of allowing us to forget.

Of course, not knowing what to expect is relative to many things.  Some may even attempt situations again, expecting different results.  Whatever the case, not knowing leads us to experience new things.  We can thus making conclusions by deciding whether or not to do “that” again.  Which leads me to retell the tale of yesterday’s trip to a local water park for a day of fun, requested by the birthday boy himself.  The Pep now celebrating 3,650 days, or rather a decade of life.  The water park was a happening place with a wave pool, a lazy river, two areas for toddlers, an intermediate area, a surfing riptide and at least 7 very tall water slides.  Eventually, a couple of us trucked up the billion plus stairs to meet our doom catch some thrills.

We went on the intermediate slides requiring inner tubes which was fun.  There were two body only slides on the intermediate level both open with decent drops.  I thought it might be better to experience the enclosed body only slide before the other two. (of course, not knowing what to expect from any body only slides.)  So we trucked up another billion plus stairs to  meet our doom catch some more thrills.

I waited in a small line that consisted of a little girl and her female older relative (perhaps her mother or grandma).  They seemed to go down alright and I watched as they flew to the end.  The older woman seemed a little out of it as she stumbled past the lifeguard watching over all at the bottom of the slides.  I was next and thought, I should be ok. No sweat, right?

The time had come. I laid down, crossed my legs and fold my hands behind my neck so an elbow was extended out on each side of my head as the lifeguard instructed.  I gave myself a little nudge and I instantly started sliding downward with the water.  Everything was going just fine as I was glided down the slide as I began to pick up speed.  I rounded the first turn, which didn’t even slow me down.  By the second turn, I was flying down the slide at a minimum of 15 mph.  At this point, the water was splashing in my face  which made it even harder to see in the enclosed slide.  I thought perhaps I would start to slow down soon, except, I keep accelerating! At the next turn, I was slammed up against the side and my legs uncrossed.  It took quite a bit of force and energy to get my legs crossed again,. Luckily I did, all the while catching more speed.  There was a brief moment where I thought I was on Willy Wonka’s water slide.  The kind fit to coincide with all of the interesting contraptions in his chocolate factory and like the one he would have if he did have one. Again, I picked up speed!  I began to feel a little scared.  Was I ever going to slow down? Wait, was I ever going to make it to the end.

Finally, after a lifetime of accelerating down the enclosed slide, the top opened up which was the signal that the “fun” was almost over.  So glad to have made it down in one piece, I laid there for a moment to catch my breath.  “@!$*%^* @$#%”, was all I was able to utter.  Words cannot express how intense the ride down that red slide is.  Little did I know what to expect.

You might be thinking that I should have known better.  But there were tons of people, little kids going down like it was nothing.  I’m usually all about facing fears so that in the end I can say, “That wasn’t so bad”.   Perhaps I should have gone with one of the intermediate body only slides.  Not sure if I’m ready to try the red slide again. Although, I did purchase season passes to the park.  Now I know what to expect.  All I can do now is act accordingly.

Lazy river, here I come….


4 thoughts on “When you don’t know what to expect

  1. gitwizard says:

    Sounds like great fun, although to us drowned Brits ANYTHING done in sunshine sounds good!
    Happy Birthday to The Pep!

  2. I must admit GitWiz that the hot weather here is hardly tolerable. Especially when you have no choice but to walk with the sun rays beating down on you a few times a day. We were lucky last week when a storm came through and it cooled down for a bit, although the humidity was much higher! I hope I can survive the next few months. *sigh*

    Thanks for the b-day wishes for the Pep, btw.

  3. Storms are nice AFTER coming down off those long winding steps up. Love waterparks, unfortunately everyone else in attendance wants to be like me and splash on the neat rides. Lines are hectic.

    Late HBs to the Pep, it’s taken three times to comment. tee hee.

  4. archcentaur says:

    Honestly, I love all of the rides at water parks, but the lazy river is my absolute favorite! I could stay in there all day long…

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