The Onset of Alzheimer’s

I was recently informed that a dear friend, rather the best father figure in my life has the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. It makes sense.. during our last conversation he mentioned something that we have already spoken about as if we never had. Of course it could have been due to forgetfulness, he is about to turn 80 years old. This saddens me a bit considering how much I have enjoyed our conversations over the years. Actually, over the course of my life come to think of it.

A man who I can recall being blind when I was a child. I always wonder how he managed to be so efficient, especially at work. A man who has managed to keep up on all the things we blab on about. Not just your typical “hey how are you doing” talk but the in depth philosophical, physics and mathematics talk. An open ear… so full of wisdom and stories. So many stimulating conversations!

I’ve come to realize that most of the conversations were meant for me. Not that they weren’t for him or he didn’t get anything out of them, but that the words that were spoken were to develop and expand my character. I think of all the time he has invested.

A man behind fogged up glasses on the other end of the telephone so willing to converse despite the difference in time zones.


2 thoughts on “The Onset of Alzheimer’s

  1. archcentaur says:

    This post reminds me of my grandpa who passed away two years ago. He was the father figure in my life, too. The cool thing is that even when everyone was telling me that he didn’t understand anything anymore, I spoke to him the same way I always did. And he understood. He showed me in his eyes. Also, I asked him if he loved me, because I knew he had forgotten the words, and after a moment he said, “Of course!” Later that day he wrapped me in a hug and was trying to tell me something, but his vest got in between his mouth and my ear, and I never heard what he said, but I understood.

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