The University that I attend has a huge campus, approximately 1,200 acres.  It is well known for its endeavors in agriculture.  This allows many to enjoy all the plant life and trees while on their journeys across campus.  As one could imagine, there are numerous sidewalks leading here and there.  In fact, I believe that all of the concrete making up these many sidewalks were poured/leveled etc. by the same contractor.  The reason for this conclusion is due to the design of the sidewalks.  They ALL have this slick boarder outlining their perimeter.  Which leads me to the point of this post.. their slick boarders.

If any amount of water is located on the slick boarders and one happens to place their foot on a boarder while walking.. they are surely going to slip and slide.  Hopefully they will be able to stumble and keep on walking rather than fall.  Simply a “close call”.

I’m sure you might be wondering dear reader, how I know exactly how slick these boarders can be.  Well, if you guessed that I know via first hand, you’ve guessed correctly!  I’ve had my moments of slipping and sliding and am very grateful that broken bones weren’t the outcome on any such occasion.

I can’t remember exactly how these sidewalks came up in a conversation I was having with a friend a couple of months back, but I do recall us sharing a good laugh.  Not to mention, both of us admitting that we would deliberately avoid placing our feet on the boarders while walking regardless of if they were wet or not.  Especially since the moment you forget… you might get caught slipping.  After all, I did mention all the agriculture around campus and where there is agriculture, there is surely going to be water.

Skateboards, scooters, and sandals are common around campus.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t keep an eye out for some poor ol’ fool not aware of slick boarders.  I often find myself smiling when my eyes catch a poor soul swinging their arms as to keep their balance and sometimes just merely thinking about it. Besides, you never know, that poor ol’ fool might just be me and that may just make for an even better laugh.

It brings back memories of the saying “Don’t step on a crack or you’ll fall and break your back!”, more commonly heard as a child.

P.S. I’m surprised that the ALL the concrete slabs were laid in this fashion.  Surely, slick boarders are not the safest design.  I wonder how many lawsuits, if any exist?



4 thoughts on “Sidewalks

  1. I was thinking of the similar rhyme midpost. It sometimes amazes me how many people will argue how safe they are, when in fact they’re just practicing ‘risk management’.

    Please be careful in your old age.

  2. archcentaur says:

    I just had my first “close call” with those dang slick borders last week! And someone we both know, S____ L____, caught me! She said that she has also almost slipped on them. I was wearing rain boots, I think. It had recently rained, too.

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