Birdy Trust

Back in March I blogged about Lucky Bird needing Gear. The gear consisted of a “hood”. As I soon realized, the costs of hoods were out of my college-life budget and some “Old Git” suggested using a sock in lieu of a hood.

This summer, I finally had a chance to use one of the Boo’s old socks. I cut out a hole from the sock to allow for a beak and nose to breathe. After a small struggle (putting a sock over the head of a large bird is quite an event), the sock was in place and I watched as poor ‘ol Lucky Bird, now without a sense of direction, stumbled around and began swinging his head around. He completed despised not having his sight to guide him.

The “sock hood test” did not go well. In fact, it caused a loss of trust for Lucky Bird with me. Not wanting to get out of his cage, warning he would bite if I tried.

It was only yesterday that Lucky Bird finally allowed me to take him out of his cage after some time (even let me pet his wings which he doesn’t like). He was very eager to spread his wings and take to flight (a few times!). His flying skills have gotten much better and I must conclude that Lucky Bird enjoys having his sight to guide him, especially when “Mom” is concerned.

I have always been a firm believer that birds should be allowed to grow their wings out and have the ability to fly if they so desire. This has caused me to lose a few expensive pet birds to “flying away” over the years. Of course, the birds that know what’s good for them tend to be loyal and don’t fly away, even when taken outside and are given the opportunity.

It appears that Lucky Bird may be ready to have some flying lessons outdoors. Flying is his right after all.


One thought on “Birdy Trust

  1. archcentaur says:

    I helped “nurse” a baby sparrow back to health before! I couldn’t get over how WARM their tiny bodies are! It was incredible!

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