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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. ELLIS says:

    Lovely flower! On my walk this morning I came across a fantastic Sunflow right in the middle of a short cut I take. I broke off a nice blossom, brought it home and place d it in a vase on our diningrooom table So far Ierene has not even noticed it. Let me ask you: does that say more about me or about her?!!!

    The reason I am writing is to let you know that I mailed you a set of CD’s of a lecture by Judith Orloff, who is a real doll!
    Et is pretty beat up because I bought them used, but I think you will find what she has to say will be very useful.

  2. Ellis says:

    Call me crude, but I am sorta partial to the Frog’s motto:

    Lovely shot of theCBologne cathedral. I think it may be one of the few which did not get obliterated by Allied bombing during WW II. My grandmother Karrer hailed from Cologne.

    My friend the sunflower is still doing fine. I am going to saend you a polaroid shot of her latest contribution to the beauty of our home.

  3. V says:

    Dude what site can I go to to see the pics you have from the wedding. I still want a cd!
    I think you took really awesome pics and I want them!!
    Love your crazy friend, V!

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