Starvation, Far From It!

It was a typical trip to the grocery store with both boys tagging along; The Pep making sure to add a few items to the cart and The Boo attempting to hold as many items as he could from inside the cart.  It was a quick outing just to pick up a few things so thankfully we were at the checkout before anyone started to scream or throw a fit (myself included)!  While I was placing all our items on the table to be scanned by the clerk, I heard the following statements and giggling from the people behind us in line:

“Oh, awww, he couldn’t wait!”

“He must be hungry!”

I turn around to check on The Boo…. there he was with a package of hot dogs in his mouth.  He managed to eat a bite out of the plastic as well as take a bite out of one of the hotdogs.

I explained to The Boo that he needed to wait until we got home or at least to the car.  Then reassured all the people observing that The Boo was far from starving, especially with a belly like his!

“He doesn’t look malnourished to me”, exclaimed one woman.  Everyone else just giggled.

Lucky for me, this doesn’t just happen at the grocery store.  Recently, I found the Boo hiding out in his tent with an entire package of mini muffins…..



Ever have one of those moments where you think you’re going crazy?  Think you know where I’m going with this?

….. Last Friday, I was studying with two people who happen to have the same calculator as me.  [(This isn’t just any calculator, it’s the TI-89!)] Since, I’ve had this calculator for awhile, I decided that I’m going to start using it on a regular basis.  So I now haul it around with all my other baggage!

Well, when I got home and pulled it out over the weekend to use it, the calculator that was in my hands seemed off… like it wasn’t mine.  After inspecting it over and over, checking the batteries, checking all the markings, checking the recent calculations in the memory, etc. I came to the conclusion that “mine” must have gotten switched with one of the two others on the table that we were all working at.  This was bothersome.  In fact, it bothered me all weekend.  Not to mention, Monday was a holiday, so I had to wait til Tuesday so straighten it all out.

The minutes ticked by, and I thought out every possible explanation for how I could have brought home a calculator that wasn’t mine… an accidental mix up, foul play, you name it and I thought it.  I even wondered if they would even believe me.

When Tuesday finally came, I was eager to get to the bottom of what had happened.  I found the two kids that I was studying with in a study room, explained to them that I suspected that my calculator was switched up with one of theirs and insisted on inspecting their calculators.

After careful inspections of all three calculators by all three of us, I came to the conclusion that the calculator that I brought home was in fact “my” calculator!!!

Here I was, thinking the entire time that I was going mad….  As it turns out, I’ve confirmed that I’m already completely insane!

Oh Wow

Today, the Boo and I were lucky enough to  enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors.  We were out and about running errands when something caught my eye on the ground near some flowers.  It was a lizard.  We ended up watching it leap into the air and catch a bee in its mouth!!! It all happened so fast (nano seconds!) that all the Boo could mutter was “Oh Wow”.  It was very interesting.  I’ve never witnessed a lizard eating a bee until today..

Turns out, its common! Of course I had to google and found the included pic here!


Lucky Bird Needs Gear


This is Lucky Bird ————————————>

He is currently in the market for some gear, most importantly a hood.  He really needs to be acclimatised to the human world.  Since this is more common for falcons (go figure), I’m probably going to have to have a custom hood made for Lucky.  It’s not going to be cheap but he NEEDS one.



I really like this one ———————————->

As a bird lover and owner, I’m a firm believer in allowing birds to grow their wings out and feel the wind beneath them.

He hasn’t been taken outdoors yet, but it’s time.  This spring Lucky is getting his flight on!




I used to think I wanted to own a large bird, my top choices were (and possibly still are) an owl, a falcon or a hawk.  However african greys are medium size and large compared to your average cockatiel or small parrot or ringneck parakeet.  After owning african greys for years now, I’m not so sure.  Speaking of, I’ll never forget the day I brought Lucky Bird home…. Mr. A took one look at him and asked “What the hell is that vulture doing in our house?” Of course Mr. A mellowed out and always talks to him (Even has kissed Lucky on the beak, but don’t let him hear me tell you so)!

I’m not sure that I could facilitate such a large bird and here in the US I would have to hold state and federal licenses.  Not to mention, owning owls are illegal here. (But you folks in the UK can own them!!!!!)

So as you can see, Lucky Bird suits me well and is rather loverly.  Hopefully, one of these falcon hood makers will custom make a hood for Lucky…. afterall, blindfolding a bird is really difficult and rather awkward!



Orchids and Rorty

This was the picture mail I received today. He posed without having to be bribed.

After years of gardening and tending to numerous different kinds of plants and flowers, I have finally found a kind that doesn’t die when I set my eyes upon it, Orchids.  This new revelation along with the OCD characteristic of my personality, has sparked my interests to include creating a certain ambiance in our home.  So far, so good!

A yellow feeling came over me this morning while inspecting my orchids; a feeling I have been lacking since the beginning of 2012.  Could be due to the fact that the long weekend offset all my schoolwork so I’m not up to my ears today like a typical Tuesday.  Or perhaps, the orchids have just merely distracted me by reminding me of the philosopher Richard Rorty.  I read one of his books a year ago and recall his fascination with wild orchids and couldn’t help but draw a parallel.  Then of course, my mind went round and round like a true philosopher.  It’s the experience one has when they consider all the options and ponder the pros and cons….. one might end up losing some sleep.

My loss of sleep is no longer caused by “Truth Without Correspondence to Reality” but rather the anxiety of not having enough hours in one day and possibly a certain 2 year old  [(Not to mention Sgt. Pepper) wink*wink].

It turns out, as mentioned last year by my sister, there are numerous Orchid Festivals.  Apparently this year, I’m interested!  🙂  I’m hoping to be able to fit one into my schedule, that is if my studies allow it.

P.S. I love fuchias too.

Bugging Out

The bloggy had an encounter with some bugs, the result… a new look.

I was able to redirect them, however, I was unable to stop them from finding a new host. My brain is now in need of a RAM upgrade.


May the F=ma be with you.

Triple Quarky

There are times when one dislikes who they are,

wishing perhaps on a star,

to change their shape or form,

or perhaps from whom they were born.

To some this might seem strange,

to others, only the need to rearrange.

But is this really odd or out of character for matter?

to merely desire for your glass to shatter?

Afterall, flavors change, neutrinos oscillate, quarks morph,

and the large blinding object in the day’s sky, is merely a yellow dwarf.

It’s no wonder why everything is triple quarky.

[(Dedicated to a certain quarky butterfly.)]