Pesky Peeping Purple People Pinched

Say What?

Wonderlandhwy was pinched of its domain.

This happened around the beginning of December.  I should have been smarter and paid it on time… knowing that my domain was unique. *tear*

Mouths to feed, mother of two, what was a struggling and broke college student to do?

Priorities… priorities! *sigh*

Maybe one day the domain will return to its rightful owner.  If you will, please update your blogrolls.

P.S. Thanks for the blog title JohnC.


6 thoughts on “Pesky Peeping Purple People Pinched

  1. I was wondering about that as well when I recently had to edit my blogroll link to you…I was checking my links and was wondering if I’d made originally an error, since I usually use your comment thread link to visit here.

    Kind of fast for a resale, most places hold them a month or two before letting them be picked up by people.

  2. I guess I didn’t realize what the grace period was. But then it doesn’t surprise me considering I had the domain with GoDaddy. Found out a little too late about how the company said they were supporting SOPA and that millions of their customers left them. They were eager to make some $$. Oh well, I was disappointed to say anything sooner. Lesson learned!

  3. Typical. Major hassel with them holding me URL hostage for about four years costing me about $25 additionally annually. Drama with them got so bad I actually blocked their corporate IP after they tried sucking up to me in a post apologizing with CorpSpeak.

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